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DataPath, Inc. and Clearbox Systems Pty. Ltd. Announce Strategic Partnership

Oct. 31, 2018

DataPath, Inc., announced the Company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Clearbox Systems Pty Ltd of New South Wales, Australia to develop product compatibility for each company's capabilities in support of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

In addition, the MOU will allow the companies to pursue innovation and joint business opportunities where their combined strengths in advanced satellite communications, product and systems integration and network management software will create winning solutions.

In announcing the MOU, DataPath's Chief Operating Officer, Brad Majeres, said, "A partnership between DataPath and Clearbox Systems offers a powerful source of advanced communications technology and proven systems for both military and commercial applications."

"Clearbox, with its leading software solutions for the Australia Department of Defence market is providing significant value for the ADF particularly in management of SATCOM resources.  DataPath is an established and trusted name in the SATCOM industry for ground terminal products, systems integration, network management and field support and is also providing a range of complex communication solutions to the ADF for combat operations."

"It's a natural partnership between DataPath and Clearbox that will deliver new value and an enhanced integrated user experience for DataPath systems employed by the ADF," Majeres said. "The partnership also enables us to jointly develop innovative solutions to solve emerging challenges for the ADF in complex environments," he added.

Jeremy Hallett, Executive Director of Clearbox Systems, said, "Our customer, the ADF, is rightly demanding that companies collaborate in order to bring the best technologies together to deliver improved capability for the warfighter. Clearbox Systems and DataPath have listened, and this partnership will see us bring together and enhance systems we each have successfully delivered to the ADF over the years to better support the ADF's operations."

"Partnering with DataPath, a significant global provider of advanced and secure communications solutions, is a boost for the future of Clearbox Systems and also shows that the Australian Defence Industry has a lot to offer on the world stage. It has been a pleasure to work with DataPath to establish this partnership as we have focused on a shared desire to exceed our customer's expectations of how we can meet the ADF's future communications challenges," he said.

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