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Speedcast Wins ACOMM Community Contribution Award for Work on Christmas Island

Sept. 11, 2018

Speedcast International Limited has received an annual Australian Communications Industry Award (ACOMM) in the Community Contribution category for its continuing work on Christmas Island, a remote Australian territory in the Indian Ocean. ACOMM awards recognize excellence in the communications industry in Australia.

Speedcast's Hamish Lee, VP of Sales-APAC, accepts the award for Community Contribution for the company's continued communications support on Christmas Island at the 12th annual ACOMM Awards Dinner in Sydney.

Speedcast received the ACOMM award for its fast action, strong operational expertise and customer service after the local ISP ceased to provide internet services to the 1,900 Christmas Island locals and businesses in March 2017. The disconnection cut off locals from friends and family on the mainland and impeded their ability to conduct business and order food for the island.

After negotiations with the Australian government, Speedcast was able to implement a high-speed satellite link to re-establish connectivity on the island within a week of the initial loss of service. Speedcast now provides residents with wireless and 4G network services. Initially, the Australian government granted Speedcast a three-month contract; however, the island has now chosen Speedcast as its main service provider.

Speedcast continues to invest in the community on Christmas Island and has recently partnered with Vocus, a leading telecommunications company based in Melbourne, Australia, to deliver a significant level of fiber connectivity capacity to the island via the Vocus Australia Singapore Cable (ASC), a 4,600 km submarine cable system that will connect Australia to Singapore via Indonesia. Testing is currently underway, with the ASC connection to Christmas Island expected to go live in late 2018.

Combined, the satellite and fiber solution is expected to benefit government agencies, businesses, residential services, the airport and hospital, tourism and more on the island.

"It's an honor to be recognized with an ACOMM award for our work on Christmas Island," said Pierre-Jean Beylier, CEO, Speedcast. "Partnering with Vocus will help us continue to provide residents with a high quality connectivity experience, so they can grow and thrive without worrying about being cut off from the mainland."

"Vocus and Speedcast have worked together on a number of mission-critical projects across the region and we are very pleased to be partnering with Speedcast for the delivery of reliable, high speed internet and communication services to Christmas Island," said Vocus Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Kevin Russell. "With the fast-growing Asian region rapidly becoming a new center of internet connectivity, many people will benefit from the ASC's superior speeds and design to take advantage of the opportunities the digital economy presents."

Natasha Griggs, the administrator of Christmas Island, congratulated Speedcast on winning the ACOMM Community Contribution Award for stepping in to deliver wireless and 4G network services on Christmas Island during a challenging transition period. "I look forward to Speedcast delivering improved high-speed internet services to the island by the end of the year via the recently laid Australia-Singapore fiber optic cable.  This is a major enhancement that will be welcomed by the government, businesses, residents and tourists alike."

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