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StellarStation to be pre-integrated into mission control software solutions from Bright Ascension, GMV, Spaceit

‎Jul‎ ‎31‎, ‎2018

Infostellar has entered multiple partnership agreements with mission control software providers to pre-integrate StellarStation into their software products. These partners include Bright Ascension and Spaceit. StellarStation has also been deemed compatible with GMV’s software products and can be integrated in the future according to customer demand.

As a result of this partnership, users of these mission control software products will have the option of choosing StellarStation as a ready-made ground station network without worrying about custom integration. This minimizes the time and investment needed to secure ground services, allowing users to focus on the main developmental challenges of their missions.

By pre-integrating mission control software and ground station networks, Infostellar hopes to minimize labor and lead time for satellite operators.

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