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MOU signed with Chinese Launch Services Provider

Sky and Space Global Ltd has signed a MOU with China Great Wall Industry Corporation (“CGWIC”), a wholly owned subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, to explore the provision of launch services to SAS.

CGWIC is a commercial launch services and satellite systems provider exclusively authorized by the Chinese Government to manage the Chinese Space Program and carry out space technology testing with other satellite operators. With the support of the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology and other prestigious Chinese satellite technology corporations, CGWIC has established 35 years of successful launch experience using its series of ‘Long March’ rockets. Over this period, CGWIC has launched 63 rockets, providing satellite launch services to numerous Chinese and international corporations.

Under the terms of the MOU, SAS will assess whether CGWIC’s capabilities meet SAS’ technical and operational launch requirements and, if so, enter into formal contract negotiations for the provision of nano-satellite launch services. Signing agreements with numerous nano-satellite launch providers supports the Company’s business strategy of hosting multiple satellite launches to establish the full Pearls constellation.

In addition to this, SAS and CGWIC will explore the possibility of broader collaborative projects and commercial relationships by leveraging existing CGWIC partnerships and in turn expand the reach of the SAS network into the greater China region.

Sky and Space Global’s CEO, Mr. Meir Moalem said: “This is the first step in securing additional launch capabilities for our constellation of nanosatellites, which was always part of our business plan. The first launch remains on schedule for 2019 and all subsequent launches will take place shortly thereafter. Given the complexity of the launch and constellation, we are working to de-risk this process and are excited to work with multiple prestigious launch services providers.

“China Great Wall Industry Corporation is a well-known and reliable player in the international launch services industry, not to mention the main space cooperation company in China, and we are confident that we will have a long and fruitful relationship. We are also planning to continue working with CGWIC to expand our business relationships in China.”

CGWIC Executive Vice President, Mr. Fu Zhiheng said: “This MOU is the product of a steadily growing relationship with Sky and Space Global which I anticipate will be mutually beneficial. We believe that Sky and Space Global is a pioneer in next generation usage of nano-satellites and will be a major launcher of nano-satellites in years to come. We are very excited for the opportunity to support Sky and Space Global’s business plan and to assist SAS’ in business collaboration in the Greater China region.”

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