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Speedcast International Ltd Launches People and Assets Tracking Platform


June 27, 2018

Speedcast launched Speedcast FieldVision, a cloud-based platform designed for customers to connect, protect and monitor both people and assets through a single platform, from anywhere in the world. Available globally and operated from 18 data centers worldwide, Speedcast FieldVision provides customers with a scalable and cost-effective solution to access real-time data and keep people safe and assets secure.

As businesses become more global, it is crucial to establish reliable processes for ensuring worker safety and addressing duty of care obligations. Speedcast FieldVision can safeguard lone workers through easy check-in with automated reminders, SOS alerting, man-down detection, crossed geo-fence notifications and a complete activity log. Customers can also configure global monitoring and emergency dispatch alerts sent to international emergency response coordination centers or their own internal systems.

"People and assets are the foundation of our customers' businesses," said Tim Bailey, Executive Vice President, Products, Marketing & Business Development, Speedcast. "Our customers need a solution that is easy to deploy and manage in order to protect and monitor their people and assets. Speedcast FieldVision provides the ultimate platform for companies to manage and locate both people and assets using real-time data to quickly make smart operational decisions that can save lives and keep a business operating efficiently."

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