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UnicomAirNet Enters Global Satellite Communications Market with Further Great Transform

Jan. 15, 2018

During the French President Macron's visit to China, China United Network Communications Limited ("China Unicom") signed and concluded the Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation with Eutelsat Communications ("Eutelsat") in the Great Hall of the People, and reached a consensus on jointly developing satellite communications business for the regions along Belt and Road.  

UnicomAirNet Co., Ltd., established by China Unicom and in 2017, will serve as the main undertaker in this satellite communication network service construction system in carrying out the implementation work of upgrading the whole satellite communication technology and operating aviation mobile internet.

According to the Sino-French cooperation agreement, both parties will use EUTELSAT 172B satellite to improve China Unicom's satellite communication serviceability from the West Coast of North America to Asia and Oceania at the beginning of the cooperation; in the second stage, Eutelsat will provide China Unicom with customized satellite communication service in the regions along Belt and Road. As the undertaker of this cooperation, UnicomAirNet will take its advantages in communication service, construction and R&D of the aviation mobile internet, combing with Eutelsat's mature satellite communication service to provide a safe and efficient satellite communication network in China and regions along Belt and Road in the future. This will help to promote the rapid implementation of the international cooperation and development under The Belt and Road Initiative, thus driving the great economic development of the counties along the routes.

In order to comply with the updating requirements of the national aviation internet policy, UnicomAirNet was established and committed to advancing the marketization process of China's mobile Internet from the perspective of travelers' needs for aviation internet.

A year after its establishment, UnicomAirNet has accumulated abundant experience in construction and operation of the aviation mobile internet and formed a mature business model and an operating principle in line with the market demand during practice and transform.

In terms of resources, UnicomAirNet holds exclusive aviation copyrights of films from more than 90% domestic movie theater chains, obtained strong support from China Unicom in the satellite communication field and has established strategic cooperation relationships with more than 10 airline companies both in China and abroad.

Currently, UnicomAirNet has achieved the satellite communication network coverage in China and around the world. Thus, it can provide solution of Ku/HTS Ku/Ka airborne satellite communication comprehensive technology, carry out passenger cabin transform to meet the personalized requirements of various airline companies, undertake operation & maintenance for onboard mobile internet portal, prepare the internet portal access standard and provide customized airborne software operating platform system.

In addition, the integration of satellite communication industry with other traditional and emerging industries will be an inevitable trend. Various satellite communication networks will further gather with terrestrial services and third-party mobile internet platforms. Therefore, the aviation mobile internet built by UnicomAirNet will become a supplement and extension in the future internet industry and form the full coverage of aviation-ground integrated communication network system combined with ground communication network.

The cooperation of Eutelsat and China Unicom will completely develop the resource advantages. Through the powerful combination and complementary advantage, UnicomAirNet will exert its strong driving force and keep its competitiveness for the construction of the aviation mobile network in China and around the world. A significant reform will sweep through the global satellite communication market. Taking advantage of the cooperation of Eutelsat and China Unicom, UnicomAirNet will speed up to create an independent domestic satellite communication network system, and meet the new opportunities in the global satellite communication market.