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SKY Perfect JSAT orders High Throughput Satellite to strengthen its capability over Asia Pacific

SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation announces the procurement of JCSAT-18, a high throughput satellite (HTS) to meet increasing demands in the mobility and broadband market.

Built by Boeing, JCSAT-18 will carry a Ku and Ka-band HTS mission over Asia Pacific including Far East Russia as well as a traditional wide-beam mission over East Asia, in response to not only mobility and broadband demands but also government and cellular backhaul demands. The satellite is a condominium satellite shared with Kacific Broadband Satellites Pte. Ltd (Kacific), a Singapore-based satellite operator, that will operate Ka-band HTS satellite broadband services under the satellite name Kacific-1.

“This satellite will be a significant addition to Horizons 3e, another HTS satellite under construction.” Shinji Takada, President & CEO of SJC stated. “With this JCSAT-18, we are excited to continue serving our valued customers in various sectors by thriving in the region where market dynamics are changing rapidly.”