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 Satellite Provides Emergency Communications in New Zealand 7.8 Earthquake

November 14th at 12.02AM, the top of the South Island and lower North Island of New Zealand was subjected to a magnitude 7.8 Earthquake. The Earthquake was followed by over 1500 aftershocks some as high as 6.4 magnitude.

Gateway Teleport built in a very seismically stable area North of Wellington suffered no damage and despite an initial power outage which was immediately backed up by on site Diesel Generators has continued with normal operation since the Earthquake. Wellington CBD has Earthquake damage and many large buildings have been evacuated due to damage.

Gateway Teleport has been providing emergency communications to many users in the South Island through the iDirect Hub operating on Optus D2 in the days since the Earthquake.

One of the more notable service restorations involving Gateway Teleport was to restore full Cellular Services to the town of Waiau which is just north of the Quake epicentre of Culverden (South Island). Waiau was cut off with impassable roads, major damage and no communications. Vodafone staff restored service to their Cell Site using the 1.2M Cellular Restoral Flyaway system provided by Gateway Teleport.

While major damage has been inflicted on the main quake area there have only been 2 reported deaths attributable to the Earthquake.

Gateway Teleport wishes to thank Optus Satellite Networks for providing “On Demand” restoration services during this disaster.