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Optus Selects Gilat’s Cellular Solution to Extend 3G Coverage to Rural Areas in Australia

September 14, 2016

Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. announced that Optus, an Australian leader in integrated telecommunications, selected Gilat’s CellEdge SDR small-cell-over-satellite solution to extend 3G cellular coverage to regional and remote areas in Australia. 

By choosing Gilat’s CellEdge SDR (Software Defined Radio), Optus aims to extend its 3G mobile network areas along some of the major highways of the Northern Territory and Western Australia, providing a ‘check in’ capability. Gilat provides an integrated solution, which combines small cell and VSAT functionality, and allows cost effective and fast deployment of cellular coverage.  

“Gilat’s small-cell-over-satellite solution enables us to provide mobile connectivity to unserved and underserved areas,” said Paul Sheridan, Vice President, Optus Satellite. “It is an innovative and cost effective solution to address our requirements for delivering a high quality user experience, under challenging environmental conditions in regional Australia.”     

“Gilat’s solution will enable Optus to expand mobile services quickly and affordably,” added Oded Sheshinski, RVP Asia-Pacific at Gilat. “This success further strengthens our leadership in the cellular LTE market and opens up additional opportunities for integrated small-cell-over-satellite solutions.”