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THAICOM 8 Successfully Launches into Orbit To serve fast growing Broadcasting Industry in Asia

28 May 2016

Thaicom Public Company Limited announced that THAICOM 8 was successfully launched into Geostationary Transfer orbit on 28 May 2016 at 04.39 am (Thailand time) using a Falcon 9 rocket by Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) from Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA. THAICOM 8 will enlarge the company’s footprint over high growth Asia markets where it will strengthen Thaicom’s broadcast platform at the 78.5 degrees east longitude position.

Paiboon Panuwattanawong, CEO of Thaicom, said “The successful launch of THAICOM 8 will enable the company to provide added satellite capacity to meet the long-term growth needs in our markets We will be able to support the high demand for capacity of the broadcasting industry as it transitions from standard definition to high definition, and ultimately, to ultra-high definition broadcasting. THAICOM 8 will also enable us to offer new value added services on an end-to-end basis to broadcasters and the media industry, thus expanding our satellite distribution platform and competitiveness.”

THAICOM 8 has a total of 24 Ku-band transponders which will cover Thailand, South Asia, and Africa. Co-located with THAICOM 5 and THAICOM 6 at 78.5 degrees East longitude, THAICOM 8 will be ready for service within one month’s time to serve customers’ needs for increased Kuband capacity. Orbital ATK manufactured the satellite and SpaceX was responsible for the launch.