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Thaicom and ONIE work toward ‘Pracharat’ Extend distance learning via satellite

Thaicom Public Company Limited, represented by Senior Vice-President of Corporate Affairs Ekachai Phakdurong, signs an agreement with the Office of Non-Formal and Informal Education (ONIE), led by Secretary-General Surapong Jamjod, for collaboration on the Distance Learning via Satellite project. Thaicom will provide Mae Fah Luang Highland Community Learning Centers with satellite receiver dishes, set-top boxes, and other necessary equipment to deliver educational content to hill tribes in rural and remote areas. The project will contribute to the nation’s educational infrastructure and overall quality of life by helping to ensure equal opportunity and access to highquality education throughout Thailand. This agreement is a first step toward progress under Thailand’s newly-launched Pracharat Policy which encourages the public, private, and civic sectors to work together to solve problems and lay stronger foundations for sustainable development in Thailand. The policy emphasizes improving education and empowering rural communities—two goals which are at the heart of the Distance Learning via Satellite project. Executives and key stakeholders from both Thaicom and ONIE attended the signing ceremony held recently at Thaicom Satellite Station.