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Optus Satellite signs partnership with RigNet Australia

Optus Satellite has announced a new wholesale partnership with RigNet Australia, a global leader in providing high-performance onshore and offshore communication solutions to the oil and gas industry.

The agreement will see RigNet providing services to the Australasia region, and establishing presence and assets into Optus Satellite east and west coast earth stations.

The existing links between the two Optus teleports are provided by a diverse Optus SDH fibre network, which is a key benefit for RigNet to ensure their customers have true redundancy for their services.

Paul Sheridan, Optus Satellite Vice President said RigNet looked to Optus for diversity across East and West Australia.

“RigNet has been securing contracts across the region and will require more capacity domestically.  So while they will continue to use their own capacity, this partnership also allows access to capacity from our Optus Satellite fleet and our partners.”

The agreement allows RigNet access to Optus’ domestic Satellite capacity as well as international third party providers.

By utilising Optus’ Lockridge and Oxford Falls satellite facilities, this also enables RigNet to focus on providing targeted and fully managed communications solutions and other network-based services to customers within region. The Optus Satellite fleet enhances RigNet’s overall market offering, and complements RigNet’s current satellite access.

“We are excited to partner with a satellite owner and operator such as Optus. This partnership provides RigNet access to world class facilities and terrestrial networks, as well as domestic and international satellite fleets across the Australasian region,” said RigNet Regional VP for APAC & ME Rob George.

Peter Di Pietro, Sales Director for RigNet Australia said “The Optus partnership provides RigNet with the flexibility to offer products and services at the price points that this challenging market is dictating.”