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Japan’s Largest Direct Broadcast Satellite Provider Manages Customer Service Centers with Qlik

SKY Perfect Customer-Relations provides on-site supervisors with self-service data visualization platform to discover insights that lead to continuous business improvements

Qlik announced that the Customer Service Centers of Japan’s largest direct broadcast satellite provider, SKY Perfect Customer-Relations Corporation, is using Qlik Sense and QlikView to maintain high-quality customer care and to support growth in a highly competitive market.

SKY Perfect Customer-Relations Corporation (SPCC) operates six Customer Service Centers where operators are available for phone support. The Customer Centers have established a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs) with the goal for continuous improvement of quality support and an increase in customer subscriptions. In December 2013, QlikView was introduced to track and visualize these KPIs. Since its deployment, QlikView has become an integral tool for IT and supervisors to shorten analysis times.

Based on the success of QlikView, the Customer Service Centers wanted to expand its use of analytics with a self-service platform that meet the needs of both the business and IT. Qlik Sense opened new opportunities to extend the Customer Service Centers’ data discovery environment where the on-site supervisors can create their own visualizations and dashboards and discover new insights on the fly to respond to customers’ needs more quickly and effectively. As a result, Qlik Sense has been adopted as a standard self-service visual analysis platform for controlling hundreds of operators in the SPCC Customer Service Centers.

“In any service industry, customer retention is vital. Having the right information at the right time can make the difference between keeping a customer or letting him or her churn,” said James Fisher, vice president of global product marketing at Qlik. “By enabling the company to explore connections and answer questions on demand based on secure, consistent, and trusted data, we have been able to improve the quality of actionable information available to all decision makers – from on-site supervisors to management staff.”