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Comtech EF Data Announces Advanced VSAT Solutions Are Supporting O3b Networks In-Service Customer Installations

Comtech EF Data Corp. announced that its commercially available Advanced VSAT Solutions are now deployed and supporting multiple customer installations using O3b Networks’ innovative satellite system. The in-service customers are located in the Cook Islands, Pakistan and Malaysia, and have deployed point-to-multipoint networks using O3b Networks’ Ka-Band Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite systems and Comtech EF Data’s portfolio of high-performance, satellite-based communication solutions. Comtech EF Data assisted the customers in designing optimal satellite networks utilizing the combination of its Advanced VSAT Solutions and O3b’s network capacity.

 The Comtech EF Data’s Advanced VSAT Solution is focused on optimization, throughput and service quality for high-speed point-to-multipoint links and provides a complementary O3b terminal option to Comtech EF Data’s CDM-760, which is currently in operation by customers of the MEO system for high-speed point-to-point trunking and mobile backhaul connections. It features the highest spectral efficiency in its class and the processing power needed to support high data rate applications, high definition video and voice. It provides the service quality users demand with low jitter and low latency so stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs) can be met. It is also a fully managed system with the intelligence to enable allocation of bandwidth when and where it is needed.

“When we chose Comtech EF Data as a technology partner, we knew that their products were reliable and field-proven,” commented Stewart Sanders, Chief Technology Officer of O3b Networks. “Now that customers with different, complementary Comtech products are live on our system supporting unique capabilities and enhanced state-of-the-art functionality, we are delivering on our promise to provide high-speed, low latency Internet and mobile connectivity.”

O3b Networks built a next-generation network that combines the reach of satellite with the speed of fiber. Its groundbreaking services are enabling emerging market telecommunication operators and ISPs to make the Internet a truly global and universal experience.

“The multi-layer optimization of our Advanced VSAT Solutions has been adopted globally to facilitate premium services,” said Bob Hansen, Chief Commercial Officer and Senior Vice President of Comtech EF Data. “Telecommunications operators and Internet Service Providers that currently own or plan to purchase Advanced VSAT to support mobile backhaul or trunking applications over GEO can now have confidence that the solution is compatible with O3b Networks’ MEO satellite systems.”