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Our Telekom Becomes Latest Customer to Go Live on O3b Network 

14 April, 2015

Solomon Telekom Company Limited (Our Telekom) has become the latest customer to successfully go live on its network. Our Telekom is now deploying O3b as their backhaul provider from the Solomon Islands to the Internet as it rolls out high speed, low latency internet services to the capital city, Honiara. 

Our Telekom has installed a new ground station for O3b medium earth orbit (MEO) satellite service at Henderson, becoming the eleventh customer in the Pacific region to implement this ground-breaking technology.  Orbiting at a far lower altitude than traditional geostationary satellites, the O3b service delivers a latency of less than 150msec, which makes the customer experience the same as a fiber connection.  In fact, this solution has been described as “Fiber from the Sky” by users around the world.

Our Telekom has been instrumental in the development of telecommunications services in the Solomon Islands since the company was founded in 1988. Services for their consumer and business customers have evolved to include mobile, fixed line and internet communications, as well as television. Our Telekom provides service to, and has offices in, every province of the country, and is working to expand advanced mobile service to the most rural and remote islands.

The Solomon Islands is the fifth largest nation in the Oceania region behind Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Fiji, with over 1000 Islands and an extremely dispersed population making connection by terrestrial fiber extremely difficult. The O3b service allows Our Telekom to significantly increase bandwidth and improve the speed and quality of service for business and residential customers first in Honiara, with planning underway for future service to the Outer Islands. 

Our Telekom Chief Executive, Loyley Ngira stated: “The launch of O3b for Our Telekom Internet is the most significant development for the Solomon Islands since the introduction of the internet here. With O3b we have taken the first significant step to overcome the tyranny of distance between the Pacific nations and the rest of the world.  With this technology—and other strategic investments planned—our aim is to transform the lives of all Solomon Islanders with fast and cost effective internet access for health, education, business and leisure.” 

Our Telekom Chief Operating Office, Keir Preedy stated: "We are thrilled to deliver a range of new capabilities to our customers in the Solomon Islands. Our Telekom is raising the bar in terms of broadband solutions and continuously strives to deliver the highest quality service to customers—O3b's fiber speed, satellite reach solution means we can do that" 

Imran Malik, O3b VP Asia Pacific & The Middle East, said: “O3b is delighted to be providing the Solomon Islands with access to ultra-fast and very low latency connectivity. The arrival of O3b’s network is already enabling Our Telekom to transform the way people in the Solomon Islands work and learn. At the same time it further establishes our presence in and commitment to the Pacific region, once again demonstrating our ability to deliver much improved connectivity to remote regions.”