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ZipTel Secures Cornerstone Enterprise Agreement with Speedcast

ZipTel Limited has entered into a landmark Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreement with SpeedCast International Limited for an exclusive white label application.

Under this exclusive partnership agreement, SpeedCast will white label ZipTel’s revolutionary ZipT application and platform, which will be re-branded under the SpeedCast “SpeedTalk” portfolio of voice products and services. This product will be first of its kind to market in the data-based satellite telephony and will target over a thousand of SpeedCast’s enterprise customers globally, with a potential opportunity to scale across a myriad of satellite service providers worldwide.

Established in 1999, SpeedCast has grown to become a leading satellite service provider offering high-quality managed networks services in over 60 countries.

SpeedCast leverages the latest satellite technologies for the provisioning of reliable and efficient network services to key industries including cellular, maritime, oil and gas, mining and government, across numerous blue chip clients.

Over the past several months, SpeedCast has successfully tested and validated the ZipT product in several field locations around the globe, at a static rate of 10kbps. Regions included Australia, Papa New Guinea, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.
SpeedCast will now embark on exclusively white labelling the ZipT product initially to its customer base and with an opportunity to further scale across additional satellite service providers globally.

The ZipT technology excels in low bandwidth environments (as low as 8kbps) and uses up to 80% less data than other mobile-based calling applications currently in the market. The solution will offer a cost effective means of communication in areas which have no telephone coverage or limited access to satellite telephony, traditionally billed at higher rates.

The application of the new technology will provide remote workers with the ability to communicate globally from remote locations, at a fraction of the cost of traditional mobile satellite service rates. The new SpeedCast product will enable users to top up accounts on a pre-paid service and to make high-quality phone calls from any smartphone, when connected over satellite, in the low bandwidth environments in which they frequently operate.

ZipTel’s Co-Founder and CEO Bert Mondello commented, “This is an exciting milestone for the Company. Securing our first enterprise agreement with a leading satellite communications service provider opens up further opportunity to expand wider into the enterprise market globally. This agreement substantially enhances the global distribution of the ZipT product and will bring a significant and steady revenue stream for ZipTel. Furthermore, it provides third party endorsement and validation of our product for the consumer and enterprise market.”

Andrew Burdall, VP of Strategic Business Development at SpeedCast, commented:
“We are continuously seeking cutting-edge products to meet the unique requirements of our customers. We are pleased to partner with an innovative company like ZipTel, and to be able to offer our customers a superior product and platform, which enables the ability to communicate with anyone, globally, at reduced costs. This new application will be a valuable addition to our comprehensive suite of communication products. Innovation is at the heart of our success.”