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Kymeta and Nomad Global Communication Systems (GCS) announced their partnership to deliver end-to-end, seamless, mobile connectivity for defense, public safety, first response, utility and private sector customers. Nomad will continue to lead innovation in the connected mobile operations center market by offering Kymeta™ KyWay™ terminals, KyWay™ Go mobile units and KĀLO™ internet access services to global customers.

“Partnering with Nomad GCS marks a significant advancement for public safety, first responders, and defense customers who demand the best mobile command centers and communication vehicles,” said David Kervin, General Manager & SVP, Kymeta Global Solutions. “As we saw in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, and in Greenville, S.C. during the total solar eclipse, on-the-move, simple to operate satellite communications are crucial in disaster response and public safety operations. We are excited to be working with Nomad’s talented team of technical consultants and engineers to take mobile tactical communications, surveillance and rapid deployment platforms a dramatic step forward.”

“Every minute counts for the organizations we work with every day, from first responders, SWAT and public safety, to every branch of the military,” said Ethan Petro, Director of Sales Operations, Nomad GCS. “Kymeta technology takes on-the-move satellite communication and rapid deployment to an entirely new level. Within a few minutes it goes from cold-start to transmitting and receiving data, and with the key ability to operate while on the move, there’s nothing else like this in SATCOM today. We look forward to sharing this exciting new technology with our unique customers.”