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Japan's FAMILY GEKIJYO Channel Launches on DISH

April 3, 2018

Tohokushinsha Film Corporation, the Tokyo-headquartered Japanese entertainment and media industry leader, has announced the launch of its popular Japanese channel FAMILY GEKIJYO exclusively on the USA's DISH Network, in collaboration with Superswiss. The launch took place April 2, 2018 at 5:00pm (MDT).

DISH Network Corporation provides television entertainment to North American consumers with its satellite DISH TV (11.1 million households) and streaming Sling TV services (2.2 million households).  

A channel primarily targeting Japanese people living in the U.S., FAMILY GEKIJYO provides a diverse program schedule customized for DISH viewers. FAMILY GEKIJYO delivers a broad lineup of Japanese-language programming ranging from classic anime series to well-known television dramas and variety shows, as well as Igo (traditional Japanese board game) and Shogi (Japanese chess) programs.

With the launch of FAMILY GEKIJYO on DISH, Tohokushinsha Film Corporation continues to expand its global business activities encompassing pay TV and OTT services.