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Skycasters develops CWi converged satellite-LTE service

March 14, 2018  

Skycasters LLC has developed a Converged Wireless Internet service that delivers greater reliability, efficiency and cost savings to businesses currently using satellite wireless internet.

Dubbed CWi ("see-wee"), this groundbreaking new service combines the benefits of satellite and LTE wireless internet services into one integrated, business-grade solution for companies in remote locations or relying on mission-critical data communications.

"CWi revolutionizes the performance of satellite internet by combining multiple diverse wireless connections – one satellite and one or more cellular – into one service," explains Don Jacobs, founder and owner of Skycasters. "The LTE and satellite connections are uniquely configured to deliver maximum value of a truly converged network. Our customers get the benefits of both individual options, while realizing greater efficiencies and reliability from a dual connection – all managed by Skycasters' state-of-the-art network."