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Boeing-built Satellite Joins Mexico’s Advanced Communications System

Dec. 16, 2015

On-orbit control of Morelos-3 has been transferred to the Mexican government. The satellite is a key element of one of the world’s most advanced mobile satellite systems, enhancing Mexico’s national security, civil and humanitarian programs.

“With the Boeing 702HP satellite, Mexico has delivered on its vision to provide 3G+ voice and data services to mobile terminals that are now an integral part of the government’s communications infrastructure,” said Mark Spiwak, president, Boeing Satellite Systems International. “Boeing looks forward to continuing its strong relationship with Mexico by providing additional technology and support as the country’s telecommunications needs grow.”

Boeing and the Mexican government will conduct field testing in the coming months and have already reported initial success with the addition of Morelos-3. The system is expected to be fully operational by mid-2016 and managed by Telecomunicaciones de Mexico on behalf of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation.

Boeing is responsible for the design and delivery of the integrated Mexsat system, comprised of two satellites, two ground network and satellite control stations in Mexico, associated network operations and prototype user terminals.