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The University of California, San Diego and ViaSat Bring High-Quality Sports Broadcasting to Viewers Everywhere

Dec. 4, 2015

ViaSat Inc. has partnered with The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) to live stream a wide variety of the University's athletics programs via the powerful ViaSat Exede® satellite network. The live streaming of events can be watched in real-time over the internet from any connected device at: UCSDTritons.TV.

The partnership brings high-quality viewing of UCSD athletics to sports fans worldwide, enabling current Triton, Triton alumni, Triton fans and general sports enthusiasts the ability to watch UCSD athletics via any internet connection as the games or matches occur. To live stream the broadcasts, UCSD will be using ViaSat's high-speed live streaming technology – which leverages the power of ViaSat's high-capacity satellite, ViaSat-1, offering 140Gbps, to enable viewers the ability to access key sporting events in unparalleled broadcast quality from any connected location.

"With a rising 23 sport program at UCSD, we wanted to bring Triton fans worldwide access to high-quality broadcasts directly on their mobile and personal devices," said Ken Grosse, senior associate, Athletics Director at UCSD. "We partnered with ViaSat because they are the leader in providing technology that allows the delivery of not only more content to more viewers, but at a level of quality that changes the experience and standard for live streaming content."

The ViaSat equipment will be fully operated by UCSD staff and students, with support provided by ViaSat.

"UCSD and ViaSat have a long-standing partnership in creating a path for students to engage with new technologies and broadcast standards," said Grant Markhart, director, Live Events division, ViaSat. "Through our partnership with UCSD, we are showing that our technology is changing the standard for how content is created, delivered and viewed. This is an exciting time in sports broadcasting and we're proud to partner with UCSD on this venture."