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  • International Datacasting powers CAD $1,100,000 expansion of U.S. Government Broadcast Network

    September 14th, 2015 

    International Datacasting Corporation announced new orders totaling over CAD $1,100,000 to support the US Government for the expansion of its secure worldwide satellite broadcast network. 

    The broadcast network provides secure, high-speed, broadband IP connectivity as well as broadcast content delivery to US forces and government agencies in the field. To support the evolving needs of this program, IDC has delivered the latest generations of its hardware-based and software-based Cyphercast decryption clients.

    By supplying both the software-based Cyphercast Client and the hardware-based SuperFlex Pro Data 3104 receiver, IDC is able to provide maximum flexibility for the deployment in the field.  The SuperFlex Pro Data satellite receivers enables high performance secured delivery of content to a network of devices, and the Cyphercast Client software maintains security for delivery to individual laptop and desktop computers.   

    “The Cyphercast decryption technology offers best-in-class security and performance critical for the expansion of this worldwide satellite content distribution network,” said Steeve Huin, IDC’s Co-Chief Executive Officer. “IDC is proud to have been selected for the expansion of this prestigious customer.”