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  • HISPASAT has chosen ILS and SpaceX to launch their Hispasat 1F and Amazonas 5 satellites
  •  HISPASAT has announced agreements reached with launch service providers ILS and SpaceX to put the satellites Amazonas 5 and Hispasat 1F into orbit. Both satellites will be launched in 2017 and will be an important step for HISPASAT Group in their strategy for growth and expansion, which was initiated with the launch of Amazonas 3 in 2013. Through these agreements, the Spanish operator will once again collaborate with ILS after the launch of Amazonas 1 in 2004, and will for the first time work with SpaceX and their Falcon 9 vehicle.

  • Hispasat 1F, which will be built on the SSL 1300 satellite platform, will be located at the 30° West orbital position. It will replace Hispasat 1D and provide the Group with additional Ku band capacity for the Andes and Brazil. Moreover, with Hispasat 1F, the Group’s transatlantic capacities for connectivity between Europe and America will increase, and Ka band capacity will be added with European coverage in order for HISPASAT to continue increasing their broadband services in the region.

  • Like Hispasat 1F, Amazonas 5, which will be located at 61°W, will be built by SSL on its 1300 platform. With this new satellite, the HISPASAT Group will be able to meet the growing satellite capacity demand, mainly for satellite television platforms in Latin America and Brazil. Moreover, it has Ka band capacity to deal with new Internet connectivity services.

  • In the words of HISPASAT CEO Carlos Espinós, “by putting our Amazonas 5 and Hispasat 1F satellites in orbit, HISPASAT Group will strengthen its position as the leader in the Spanish and Portuguese markets and will be able to satisfy the growing demand for telecommunication