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TV2GO and Advantech Wireless empower Canadian Athletes Excellence in Major International multi-sport Event, with Canadian State of the Art Technology in HDTV Transmission over the Satellite


September 2, 2015


Advantech Wireless and TV2GO, two Canadian Companies, join forces and talent to empower Live Broadcast of Canadian Athletes excellence in a major international multi-sport event, using Canadian Technological Excellence in HDTV Transmission over the Satellite.  TV2GO chose Advantech Wireless for TV2GO's World Feed transmission of this major multi-sport event hosted in Toronto with athletes from across Latin America, South America, the Caribbean and North America.


“TV2GO and Advantech Wireless have joined their technical knowhow and expertise to provide state of the art, advanced DTH Broadcast transmission of this major multi-sport event,” stated Cristi Damian, VP Business development at Advantech Wireless. “The outstanding performance of our Canadian Athletes, with over 200 medals won, was broadcasted worldwide via live satellite feeds, using Canadian developed SapphireBluTM GaN technology, the most advanced, Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA) Technology in the market.”


Advantech Wireless is leading the industry by designing smarter solutions for any Teleport Broadcast activity, such as content contribution, distribution and Ultra High Definition Television. Awarded Teleport Technology of the year 2014 by the World Teleport Association, the SapphireBlu™ Series GaN based Solid State Power Amplifiers provide higher linearity with higher efficiency.


 “We transmitted 4 simultaneous HD World Feed signals non-stop to Central America, South America and the Caribbean from July 10-25, 2015 on NSS-806 for our customer in Brazil.  Simultaneously we were uplinking 3 channels for 10 hours daily to Puerto Rico on SES-2,” stated Lawrence Partington, from TV2GO Inc.  “A parallel event for athletes with an impairment ran from August 7th to August 15th, 2015 and was transmitted on IS805 from TV2GO’s Toronto teleport to South America and Europe.”


The Second Generation GaN based SSPAs/SSPBs continue the development roadmap introduced by Advantech Wireless back in 2010. These units are designed for Ultra HD transmission broadcasting and are DVB-S2X ready, providing an impressive 60% increase in Linear Transmit Power, without any increase in size or weight.