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O3b Networks today announced the successful testing of its Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite connectivity with the U.S. Navy’s 7th Fleet during a Limited Objective Experiment (LOE) during Trident Warrior 2015. Together with lead integrator Oceus Networks and partner TrustComm, Inc., O3b demonstrated, and the Navy officially evaluated, the game-changing advantages the O3b satellite constellation provides.

O3b’s state-of-the-art MEO satellites are in a unique orbit significantly closer to earth than legacy Geostationary (GEO) satellites, vastly reducing network latency. The high throughput O3b satellites also offer much greater capacity, supporting up to 1.6Gbps in a single 700km/450NM wide beam, enabling true broadband speeds even at sea.

The “Trident Warrior” experiments are designed to identify new and innovative technologies, which will enable more effective naval operational capabilities. A primary goal is to realize Network Centric Warfare capabilities; achieving a military advantage based on providing more usable information directly to operations in theater. This is enabled through robust technology amongst dispersed units, coupled with seamless communications that allow those forces to interact and share information as soon as it becomes available in an asymmetrical warfighting environment.

O3b is a unique enabler of Network Centric Warfare capabilities, which was demonstrated during “Trident Warrior.” For the exercises, O3b 1.2m maritime tracking antennas were placed on the USS Fort Worth Littoral Combat Ship (LCS-3), which achieved connectivity speeds of approximately 600Mbps (200Mbps uplink, 400Mbps downlink).

O3b, Oceus, and TrustComm were able to prove they could provide much higher broadband connectivity than Navy vessels currently receive, to a ship while in theater. This enables applications and technologies never available to the U.S. Navy including 4G/LTE, WiFi, HD video streaming and telemedicine—all of which were accomplished during “Trident Warrior.”

“O3b Networks is delighted to be allowed to participate in Commander, 7th Fleet’s Trident Warrior 2015 exercises,” said “D” D’Ambrosio, EVP Government Solutions for O3b Networks. “We’ve been actively testing O3b with the Navy at SPAWAR’s SSC PACIFIC Common Optical Distribution Architecture (CODA) lab, where 7th Fleet first saw the service, but it’s great to see it deployed on a naval vessel and perform as advertised at sea.”

“Providing Maritime LTE services has been a major focus for Oceus Networks, and our partnership with O3b combines two robust technologies,” said Randy Fuerst, President and CEO of Oceus Networks. “The U.S. Navy, through Trident Warrior, was able to see first-hand how to achieve a high data rate with low latency and at an affordable cost in an operational environment.”

“TrustComm prides itself on delivering the most innovative, state-of-the-art capabilities to our customers,” said Bob Roe, CEO of TrustComm, Inc. “During Trident Warrior, the O3b service performed impressively, facilitating multiple bandwidth hungry operations simultaneously and exceeding expectations."