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Hunter and Panasonic Extend Reach of the Internet to Canadian Skies

16 March 2015

Hunter Communications Canada and Panasonic Avionics announced that Panasonic Avionics has secured satellite capacity on the Hunter Canada Ku-band beam that is hosted on the E115WB satellite. By procuring nearly one-third of the available capacity, Panasonic has further secured its position as the world’s pre-eminent service provider to commercial airlines and their passengers and crew, providing internet access, airline data services and live TV access to aircraft outfitted with Panasonic’s cutting edge satellite delivery service.

Brent Perrott, President of Hunter stated, “It has been a pleasure working with Panasonic these past six years, and we are very excited to help expand their reach in Canada with this latest agreement. Panasonic has produced a significant advancement for aeronautical service applications, and we are pleased to have worked with such a professional team. This announcement to use Hunter’s capacity over Canada significantly increases Panasonic’s coverage over an important region with many domestic and international flight routes. And this also holds a personal element for Hunter – it validates our efforts over the past several years on our goal to provide more satellite access over Canada, our home-territory, and to see cutting edge technologies flourish here as a result.”

David Bruner expanded: “We are thrilled to have enhanced our network with the Hunter beam on the E115WB satellite. Using this satellite, Panasonic will be able to provide connectivity services from central Canada to the West, including the Yukon gap, at levels that have previously been unavailable to any inflight connectivity provider. We believe that working with Hunter Communications will enable us to provide the best inflight connectivity experience possible over Canada.”