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Comtech Receives $3.8 Million Order for High Efficiency Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers for Military Applications

January 29, 2015

Comtech Xicom Technology Inc., has received a $3.8 million follow-on order from a U.S.-based system integrator for Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers (“TWTAs”). These TWTAs are for a major U.S. Army Satellite Communications program for transportable satellite communications (“SATCOM”) systems providing voice, data, video conferencing, internet and high resolution video connectivity for deployed military forces.

The TWTAs ordered for this challenging Army application are part of Comtech Xicom Technology’s industry-leading high efficiency TWTA product line and represent the best technology industry has to offer. The units are small and lightweight enough to be mounted directly at the feed of medium-sized antennas and are designed to operate over -40°C to +60°C. They also incorporate upconversion from L-band for 1-2 GHz input operation and SNMP-based Ethernet monitor and control interfaces.

Dr. Stanton Sloane, President and Chief Executive Officer of Comtech Telecommunications Corp. said, “Comtech is pleased to continue our support for this important program and the warfighter with our industry-leading high-power, high efficiency amplifiers. Our customers are directly benefiting from the significant investment we’ve made in enhancing efficiency to provide the highest linear powers in the most compact and rugged packages possible while maintaining our high standards for quality and reliability in challenging environments.”