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Advantech Wireless to Provide Turnkey Mesh VSAT solution to Civil Aeronautical services In LATAM

January 13, 2015


Advantech Wireless has been awarded a major contract with a Civil Aviation Government entity in Latin America to provide a turnkey solution based on its state-of-the-art mesh VSAT network for Air Traffic Control and airport communication in very remote airports in the Latin American territory. This contract also includes full set of integration logistics and support services as well as satellite bandwidth provisioning. The new satellite network will complement and expand the already installed high speed terrestrial microwave point-to-point network solution developed and deployed by Advantech Wireless. This network will improve the Civil Aviation Security and Safety levels, in accordance with national and international regulations.

The system will be composed of two geographically redundant Hubs, equipped with 4.5m antennas and all RF chains provided by Advantech Wireless transmission equipment to interface with the Advantech Wireless fully geographical redundant MF-TDMA Discovery Hubs and the S5220 Mesh satellite routers, which will guarantee highest level of operational availability (99.999%) in the solution. The system will operate simultaneously in Star (Hub to remotes) and Mesh mode (direct remote to remote connectivity) with aim to decrease the latency for real-time voice services between remotes and the costs associated with the use of satellite bandwidth.

David Gelerman President and CEO at Advantech Wireless states, “This project and our selection by the Government entity represents recognition to the superior performance and exceptional spectral efficiency offered by our very unique mesh-star solution and to our proven record in providing turnkey solutions with optimal capabilities around the world and specifically in Latin America. We are pleased to be selected in this Mission Critical application, offering the best-in-class operational availability at maximum performance at the same time minimizing operational cost and providing the best total cost of ownership (TCO) available on the market.”