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MaxLinear Delivers Turnkey Satellite Channel Stacking Solution for New Ultra-Compact D-ODU from PBI

MaxLinear Inc. announced Pro Brand International Inc. (PBI), has launched a new direct broadcast satellite digital outdoor unit (D-ODU) leveraging the MaxLinear MxL801 dual-polarity Ku-band satellite down-conversion RF IC, and the MxL862 24-channel, Full-Spectrum Capture™ (FSC™) channel-stacking system on chip (SoC).

PBI is a leading developer of advanced satellite antenna, and channel-stacking low-noise block down converter (LNB) products that is leading the market transition to multi-channel solutions.

The MxL80x devices are the industry’s first family of dual-polarity Ku-band down-conversion RF ICs targeted at satellite digital channel stacking and band translation LNBs, and universal quad/quattro and wide-band LNBs. The MxL801 is optimized for operator-class digital LNBs and integrates the complete Ku-band down-conversion functionality on a single-chip including image rejection filtering, crystal oscillator and phase-locked loop and bias voltage generator for external low-noise amplifiers (LNAs). The unmatched level of integration greatly simplifies the LNB Ku-band front-end design and eliminates the need for factory calibration and tuning.

The MxL862 delivers up to 24 satellite channels over a single coax cable for simplified connection between an indoor set-top box or gateway and a rooftop LNB. The MxL862 supports two ultra-low power FSC wideband RF inputs that capture the whole MxL801 down-conversion output signal bandwidth.

The MxL801 and MxL862 chipset offers the lowest power and most integrated D-ODU solution for the single-feed satellite LNB market, enabling ultra-small form factor designs. These devices along with the EN50494/EN50607 software protocol stack provide a complete turnkey solution to OEMs. By leveraging the system solution from MaxLinear, PBI is able to significantly reduce the development time needed to bring a cutting edge D-ODU product to market addressing worldwide operator requirements.

MaxLinear and PBI have previously collaborated on a multi-feed D-ODU, for which PBI selected the MxL865 FSC channel-stacking SoC.

“PBI’s innovative D-ODU design will result in the industry’s smallest digital LNB, which is a significant advancement in a competitive market. We’re glad that our chipset is such a significant element in this groundbreaking design,” said Yves Rasse, Senior Product Line Director for Satellite and Terrestrial TV. “Digital ODUs are an exciting development in multi-channel satellite infrastructure, and MaxLinear’s down conversion and channel stacking chipset provides a complete turnkey solution that simplifies board design, cuts costs and reduces design time.”

“The D-ODU market is emerging quickly and becoming very competitive, which is why we are innovating our latest product family to be the smallest and highest performance unit on the market,” said Jim Crownover, Pro Brand Chief Executive Officer. “Our partnership with MaxLinear keeps these efforts on track thanks to the company’s innovative and highly integrated chipset solutions.”