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Comtech Awarded $3.5 Million Order for SATCOM Ground Equipment to Support Mobile Network Upgrade & Expansion in Asia

 Comtech EF Data Corp., received a $3.5 million order for satellite communications ground equipment in October 2014. The equipment will be used by one of the largest mobile network operators (MNOs) in Eastern Asia to upgrade and significantly expand its infrastructure, which has grown to over one thousand locations over the past ten years leveraging Comtech EF Data products exclusively.

This upgrade and expansion, which is 4G/LTE enabled, will leverage Comtech EF Data’s multi-layered optimization approach, teaming the CDM-625A Advanced Satellite Modem with the Memotec RAN Optimization CXU Series to achieve the maximum net efficiency possible on the MNO’s links. The Comtech EF Data solution was chosen due to field-proven reliability and past performance, and will enable the operator to expand its network and increase voice and data throughput by at least 500 Mbps without requiring the increased operational expense of additional satellite bandwidth. The operator currently supports several Gbps of traffic on multiple satellites in both C-Band and Ku-Band. This selection strengthens Comtech EF Data’s dominant position in terms of total Gbps supported for satellite backhaul links around the globe, with tens of Gbps of traffic being supported within the Asia-Pacific region alone.

The CDM-625A platform was chosen to enable the network expansion due to its net spectral efficiencies coupled with its ability to best support traffic optimization at mid-range data rates. The CDM-625A leverages the recently announced VersaFEC-2 Forward Error Correction and Modulation technique along with the  bandwidth compression technology and 5% carrier roll-off to provide the highest Mbps/MHz ratios in the industry. The VersaFEC-2 coding method was purpose-designed to avoid the latency penalty associated with the DVB-S2X standard for medium rate aggregation links. By providing 80-90% less latency than the standard, VersaFEC-2 allows the applications running upon these networks to function optimally. For IP links, the CDM-625A leverages its intelligent header compression and lossless payload compression engine to ensure that only essential information is transmitted across the satellite links. For non-IP links, the CXU-1240E performs the traffic optimization functions, providing 2G/3G aggregation techniques that remove unnecessary information from the satellite links, maximizing net efficiencies while minimizing operational costs per Mbps.

The existing Comtech EF Data hardware used in the operator’s production network plus the equipment purchased on this order are capable of being managed by the Comtech EF Data Integrated Management System, which provides the level of network insight required to run optimal networks. NetVue™ provides a single intuitive graphical user interface that acts as a user-friendly front-end to monitor and control network equipment. It features a robust, comprehensive network management and analytics engine that allows users to intelligently maximize resources, ensure network uptime and provide the elevated levels of service that are required to support fixed and remote sites in the field.

“Our market-leading, intelligent optimization techniques provide efficiencies that are leveraged by mobile network operators across the globe to cost-effectively upgrade networks, increase throughput per site and provide enhanced services to their end users,” commented Fred Kornberg, President and Chief Executive Officer of Comtech Telecommunications Corp. “We are pleased that our solution suite will enable this Asian MNO to upgrade and reliably expand its network within its current cost structure.”