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iN DEMAND Renews Key Capacity Deal with SES

Global satellite operator SES announced that iN DEMAND has renewed a cornerstone capacity agreement to continue the delivery of its popular programming packages to cable audiences across North America and the Caribbean.

The leading U.S.-based Pay-Per-View provider of transactional sports, movies and events, iN DEMAND has inked a deal to retain two C-band transponders on SES’s AMC-1 satellite to deliver professional sports packages from MLB, the NBA and the NHL, as well as boxing, MMA, wrestling and entertainment events to nearly 50 million digital cable households across the region.

The capacity agreement marks the latest milestone in a partnership that began with the start of iN DEMAND nearly 30 years ago. iN DEMAND continues to rely exclusively on SES satellite capacity and benefits from SES expertise to meet the demands of its discerning cable audiences.

“There are big challenges in the delivery of content, especially when thousands of live sporting events are involved and there’s no room for error,” explained John Vartanian, iN DEMAND’s Chief Technology Officer. “We rely on SES for far more than satellite capacity. We have collaborated and innovated with them as our business has evolved over the years,” Vartanian noted. “SES offers the flexibility and the know-how we must have to provide reliable distribution to all of our affiliates.”

In all, iN DEMAND relies on four full-time transponders aboard three well-positioned SES satellites (AMC-1, AMC-10 and AMC-11) to deliver its widely diverse lineup of sports and entertainment programming to growing audiences.

“iN DEMAND continues to create new and exciting programming platforms for everyone from movie buffs to sports fans throughout North America,” said Steve Bunke, Vice President of North American Media Services for SES. “This important capacity agreement is all about the reliable delivery of what continues to be one of the best platforms for entertainment and sports television in the world.”