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Lime Link Selects OneAccess Networks for Their Satellite VPN Services

OneAccess Networks,and Lime Link, an oil and gas communications provider, announced that Lime Link has selected the OnePlus WAN Optimization solution for their satellite VPN services.

The OnePlus WAN Optimization portfolio enables secure satellite services with bandwidth optimization and integrated security features. OnePlus provides Lime Link with a high capacity centralized platform, with Multi-Tenant support, that can serve multiple enterprise customers from a single central platform, along with the One15xx or the WXB series deployed at the enterprise remote end point.

"Our OnePlus solutions offer a highly integrated set of features to meet the growing bandwidth and security demands of the remote end users that utilize managed satellite services," said Dennis R. Gatens, senior vice president and general manager of OneAccess Networks, North America. "We are excited to be part of Lime Link's solution for their enterprise customers."

OnePlus consolidates comprehensive WAN Optimization features with business class router, QoS and security features to enable secure, optimized satellite services. They include: TCP acceleration and compression, Data Redundancy Elimination (DRE), application and IP layer QoS mechanisms, and VPN security.  In addition, Easy VPN is supported for management of large distributed networks. The OnePlus series supports up to 10,000 TCP sessions and can operate in either bridged or routed modes.  Platform redundancy is also supported at the central site to ensure high availability services.

"As an early adopter of the OnePlus multi-Tenant feature we have been able to expand our service offerings for our clients," said Chris Dunbar, CEO of Lime Link. "This translates to more efficient use of satellite services as well as reducing costs for additional bandwidth."

In addition to optimization and security features, the OnePlus series also supports application performance management features for optimized delivery of business-critical applications. Utilizing a high-performance Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine, OnePlus can identify applications in order to allow application layer policy to be applied to guarantee the performance of business-critical applications. These features are managed using the OneAPM management application, and is compatible with NetFlow V9 collectors. End-user Quality of Experience (QoE) is assured through OnePlus as detailed per-flow application performance LAN and WAN metrics are maintained with highly granular metric views.  The root cause of QoE issues is quickly isolated without the use of costly network probes, and/or sending skilled technicians on site.

"OneAccess is proud to be a market innovator for optimized satellite VPN services," said Bertrand Meis, CEO of OneAccess Networks. "We continue to diversify our solutions to meet the evolving requirements of our customers and the scale of performance and feature integration OneAccess offers is another example."