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ViaSat Demonstrates 1 Mbps Throughput in Next-Generation L-band Terminals

Oct. 7, 2014

ViaSat Inc. has established another key differentiator for its L-band Managed Service. During development of its recently announced next-generation terminals, ViaSat demonstrated 1 Mbps throughput over the LightSquared SkyTerra-1 satellite to a small terminal less than 8-by-5-by-2-inches, in both fixed configurations and mobile applications at speeds up to 65 mph.

Improved performance over L-band broadens the scope of applications that Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) can serve. With faster downloads, enhanced broadcast and multicast services, and greater responsiveness, ViaSat L-band Managed Service provides a better overall user experience with more timely information, while maintaining a low cost of ownership. ViaSat achieved the 1 Mbps data rate by efficiently balancing power and bandwidth over the LightSquared satellite.

"Receiving 1 Mbps with a mobile terminal this small pushes the boundaries of performance per cubic inch and creates an opportunity to address unserved and underserved mobile market segments," said Phil Berry, VP MSS at ViaSat. "We're designing our network waveform to adapt to the variable link conditions each terminal experiences as it operates in a mobile environment, to maximize data reception. This development is a testament to our team's capability for innovation."

The ViaSat L-band Managed Service operates over the highest performance L-band satellites and is enabled by ViaSat technologies that provide high-availability, greater data security, and faster response for MSS. This flexible, open service enables an array of applications that serve the communication needs of consumer, enterprise, and government segments.