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CPI Provides Quad-Band Radome For ViaSat Roaming Demonstration

Sept. 16, 2014

The Radant Technologies Division of Communications & Power Industries LLC (CPI) provided a novel, quad-band satellite communications radome to support the recent successful flight demonstrations of ViaSat, Inc.'s first integrated Ku-band and Ka-band airborne satellite terminal.  The demonstrations showed that the ViaSat terminal, utilizing a radome from the CPI Radant Technologies Division, can switch dynamically among six satellites and three satellite networks across both Ku-band and Ka-band frequencies.  The Ku/Ka-band terminal and radome are intended to provide global roaming capability for commercial and government aircraft, permitting the aircraft to connect to the particular satellite network that can provide it with the best service in its current location.

CPI Radant Technologies Division developed the custom radome for ViaSat's integrated Ku/Ka-band terminals using patented technology that enables coverage of the entire Ku-band and Ka-band frequencies with unequalled radio frequency (RF) transmission performance.  As a result, the radome is uniquely suited for commercial and governmental satellite communications applications, including commercial inflight broadband connectivity and entertainment services such as audio and video streaming, Internet access, etc.  CPI Radant Technologies Division designed the radome to interface with the numerous satellite communications installations, making it suitable for retrofit on existing aircraft and for inline fit on new aircraft.  The radome meets or exceeds all FAA safety standards, including the enhanced bird-strike survivability requirements.

CPI Radant Technologies Division's quad-band radome has been in production for several months, and initial deliveries have been made.  Work on the radome is being performed in Stow, Mass.

"ViaSat's Ku/Ka-band satellite terminal represents an enormous step forward for global connectivity, and our radome played a critical role in its successful flight demonstrations," said Dr. Jean-Claude Sureau, president of CPI Radant Technologies Division.  "With its coverage of both the Ku- and Ka-band frequencies and the quality of its RF transmission performance, the development and production of a quad-band radome for an integrated Ku/Ka-band satcom terminal is a milestone in the evolution of wideband satcom radomes.  It is yet another example of CPI Radant Technologies Division's ability to innovate and produce customized radomes for a wide variety of specialized and demanding technologies."