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IP Access International Deploys iDirect Evolution Technology To Launch Isis Dual-Satellite Network


10 December 2012

IP Access International, has deployed a new iDirect Series 15100 Universal Satellite hub to launch its Isis dual-satellite network. The new hub, located in Woodbine, Maryland, is linked with the company's existing iDirect hub in Napa, California, to provide critical redundancy for IP Access International's emergency management customers. iDirect is a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology.

Having access to a highly reliable and rapidly deployable satellite communications system is essential for emergency management professionals, first responders, and disaster relief organizations. Through Isis, IP Access offers seamless connectivity between its west coast network, operating on Intelsat's Galaxy-18 satellite, and its east coast network, operating on SES' AMC-9 satellite. With both satellite networks online and operational, Isis gives customers the ability to switch between either network for look angle versatility or in the event of a disruption in service. This redundancy is particularly important for emergency management, disaster recovery and business continuity applications where dedicated and reliable bandwidth is essential to keeping operations online. The company's new hub also provides IP Access with a more robust service offering for its growing customer base in the mining, oil and gas and maritime markets.

"With multiple satellite options and independent earth stations on both coasts, IP Access can better support our emergency management customers who need to keep their networks online at all times. Giving our customers the ability to switch between satellites quickly and easily in the event of a service disruption or to provide look angle diversity is an important differentiator for our business and it's all due to our investment in the iDirect Evolution Platform." said Alan Rich, President, IP Access International