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XipLink announces Globecomm as a Value Added Reseller for VSAT Optimization


5 December 2012

Xiplink announced today that Globecomm Systems Inc. has signed a value added reseller contract for optimization products. 

The agreement follows several months of testing at the demanding internal technology labs at Globecomm Headquarters as well as field trials at Globecomm Europe’s Teleport.  While XipLink’s wireless link optimization technology addresses many key markets such as military, aero broadband and telco infrastructure, the initial deployment provides optimized Internet access for crew welfare on maritime vessels.  The combined benefit of XipLink’s Hub Optimizations (XHO) and remote two-way wireless link optimization drastically improves user performance with acceleration while also reducing bandwidth costs via advanced compression techniques.  


Jack Waters, CEO of XipLink stated, “XipLink is excited and very proud of our new commercial relationship with Globecomm.  We have always respected Globecomm’s technical excellence and believe that our solutions will complement their global initiatives to deliver the highest quality managed service offerings.  Our joint engineering and support teams deserve high accolades for working closely together to deliver these successful deployments.” 


“We engaged technically with XipLink directly after their XHO solution won the 2011 World Teleport Association product of the year award”, said Arthur Graniela, VP of Operations.  Mr. Graniela continued “Globecomm has chosen XipLink as they have a scalable, flexible and capital efficient array of one and two-way optimization solutions.  XipLink is the correct choice for us and our underlying customers given the cost of satellite bandwidth and the ever growing demand to efficiently move more and more applications across those links.”


XipLink’s objective is to continue the strong momentum with Globecomm with a focus on lowering the OPEX costs of these critical networks while simultaneously increasing application performance. Wireless link optimization includes techniques such as TCP acceleration, data and header compression, web optimizations and several other techniques.  This stable of solutions, coupled with application specific optimizations targeted at the requirements of certain verticals dramatically lowers expensive satellite bandwidth while simultaneously providing service providers a competitive advantage.