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ARINC Engineering Services, LLC Awarded Multiple Task Orders to Expand Wireless Mesh Network Protocol Services for the U.S. Army


28 November 2012


ARINC’s Engineering Services, LLC  has been awarded Task Orders II, III and V of the previously announced Next Generation Wireless Communications II (NGWC II) contract worth $12.4 Million. The value of these two task orders is just over $4.5 Million.

Task Order II continues the Joint Capabilities Technology Demonstration through development, testing and certification of the mesh network protocol and sensor applications that began under the previous IDIQ award.

Task Order III will demonstrate the capability of satellite tracking technology to provide In-Transit Visibility (ITV) for containers in the Army’s distribution pipeline with near real-time alerts in cases of intrusion. The focus of this task order is to provide and assess a system to track and monitor the progress of ISO shipping containers as they go through the Army's shipping process from container yard to Port of Debarkation (POD) to the final destination.

Task Order V will set up a new Army Mobility Asset Tracking System (AMATS) Device Management Center (DMC) in a virtual machine (VM) environment and expand Fixed Mesh Gateway locations to other regions. The purpose is to utilize the capability of the NGWC mesh enabled devices to track assets in real world operational environments. The focus of this task order is to provide a system to track the progress of equipment as it goes through retrograde processes in both Kuwait and Afghanistan. Support to the AMATS operation on-going in Kuwait will continue and will be extended to locations in Afghanistan.

"The ARINC team, which includes Cubic Global Tracking Solutions (CGTS) and Lunarline, will leverage its proven advanced technology and logistics system engineering expertise to enable the U.S. Army to move to a real-time, global, in-transit visibility capability. We are proud to support the Defense Department’s massive logistics requirements for deployed U.S. Forces and drawdowns," stated Jim Potter, Director, System Engineering & Analysis.

Cubic Global Tracking Systems, Inc. has field-proven devices with NGWC mesh radios, GPS, configurable reporting intervals and a suite of sensors supported by a device management center which provides both web-based graphical status information and real-time XML data feed to authorized third parties.

Lunarline, Inc. specializes in Information Security (IS) and Information Assurance (IA). Lunarline designs, develops, integrates, maintains, audits and documents the security for systems, telecommunications and software throughout the Federal Government.