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Quake Global Completes Integration of its Q4000 Modem with ORBCOMM’s New OG2 Satellite Network


27 November 2012

Quake Global, Inc., announced that the QUAKE™ Q4000, a dual mode satellite/cellular data modem, will offer seamless integration with ORBCOMM’s new OG2/OG1 satellite network.

The OG2 generation of ORBCOMM® satellites will offer many additional powerful features to its users. By completing this integration, QUAKE has confirmed that it has the ability to switch operations seamlessly between the three modes of ORBCOMM’s first and second generation satellites and terrestrial networks. This combination will enable customers to select the best communications path based on price, geography or coverage. Clients are now empowered to easily maximize the flexibility of the Q4000 software defined radio modem when it is strongly complemented by the elasticity of OG1/OG2 ORBCOMM network capabilities.

“The ORBCOMM OG2 constellation will enable faster communications speeds, improved coverage, increased message sizes, better power management, and other valuable features while continuing to support the efficient, reliable mission-critical communications available from the current constellation. ORBCOMM and QUAKE are working together to develop an M2M device that will take full advantage of these capabilities,” stated Polina Braunstein, QUAKE’s President and CEO. “This cost effective M2M telecommunications solution will greatly reduce the cost of data collection as well as improve enterprise ROI. With rising demand in the M2M industry, we have positioned QUAKE ahead of the game by insuring that the Q4000 production schedule is in lock-step with the much anticipated launch of ORBCOMM’s OG2 network.”