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Ingenicomm Acquires Programmable Telemetry Processor (PTP) Product Line


26 November 2012


Ingenicomm announced today that it has acquired the Programmable Telemetry Processor (PTP) product line from CVG-Avtec Systems, a subsidiary of Kratos Defense & Security Solutions. The PTP has long been one of the industry's leading front-end processor solutions for the satellite ground station and integration and testing (I&T) markets, with units deployed on every continent and with every major space agency around the world. The PTP provides integrated multi-stage and multi-mission support, allowing ground stations and satellite and payload manufacturers to reduce costs by eliminating mission-specific processors. It further reduces mission risk by allowing satellite manufacturers to use the same equipment as operational satellite ground stations.

"Ingenicomm's engineers have decades of experience developing and supporting this product line," said Amit Puri, President & CEO of Ingenicomm. "Our unique understanding of the intricacies of the PTP will allow us to provide superior support to its many users and guarantee the continued longevity of the product. There are huge synergies between the PTP and our next-generation Configurable Ground Systems (CGS) product line that enable us to provide best-of-breed I&T and ground station processors, although both products will be sustained independently in the future."

Following the acquisition, Ingenicomm will continue to support new and existing programs as well as providing operations and maintenance services for PTP customers.