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NovelSat and Juch-Tech Join Forces to Provide Canada’s Artic North with High Speed Internet



13 November 2012


NovelSat Ltd. in collaboration with Juch-Tech Inc. provider of Internet connectivity into remote areas around the world, successfully demonstrated its satellite Internet access service to Northern Communications and Information Services (NCIS), in the arctic region of Northern Canada.

The level of communication service in “The North” is far lower than that enjoyed by families, schools, government agencies and businesses in the rest of Canada. There are 75 remote and under-served Arctic communities spread over 1/3 of Canada’s land mass. Reliable and affordable communications systems that are on par with the rest of Canada are becoming a reality with new technology and new competitive service providers.

NovelSat provided Juch-Tech, its high-speed 730Mbps Modems (NS-3000), which delivers the world’s fastest data-rates and incorporates their revolutionary NS3™ technology, maximizing spectral efficiency. The result of which was giving thousands of Canadians access to the outside world through a strong internet connection.

“We are extremely proud of our work with Juch-Tech on this project,” said David Furstenberg, Chairman of the Board for Novelsat. “Knowing that our NS3 enabled Modem has helped bring to those Northern Canadian communities that the rest of the country takes for granted is a crowning achievement for our company.”

“Juch-Tech is constantly striving to bring reliable internet connections to even the most remote corners of the earth,” said Walt Juchniewicz – President and CEO of Juch Tech. “Because of the capabilities of NovelSat’s NS3 technology, the challenge of Northern Canada became significantly less difficult. Their Modem allowed us to substantially increase satellite capacity without increasing costs or resources.”