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Spatial Energy Becomes First Astrium Services Oil/Gas Global Reseller

27 September , 2012


Spatial Energy has signed a strategic reseller agreement with Astrium Services in Chantilly, Va. This agreement establishes Spatial Energy as the first global reseller of Astrium products and services to the worldwide oil and gas industry

“Astrium Services is the only geo-information data provider today with a full spectrum of satellites acquiring multi-resolution optical and radar imagery from which a variety of products and services are derived, including elevation data, global oil seeps, and geologic studies,” said Bud Pope, Spatial Energy President. “A key advantage of Astrium Services is the large capacity of high resolution imaging open to the commercial market, resulting in faster acquisitions and deliveries.”

With the full range of Astrium Services’ products and services catalog added to the Spatial Energy content offerings and available through its Spatial on Demand cloud-based service, the Colorado firm is better positioned to provide oil & gas customers with detailed geospatial information throughout their entire exploration and production workflows, while benefiting from favored pricing and global oil/gas licensing.

“Spatial Energy is a recognized energy industry leader providing geospatial solutions to global oil and gas enterprises,” said Greg Buckman, Head of Astrium Services’ GEO-Information team in North America. “The breadth and scope of Spatial Energy’s services make it an ideal partner for Astrium to work with in serving the global energy industry.”

Astrium Services operates a constellation of Earth observation satellites unparalleled in the commercial market. Astrium Services’ entry into the high-resolution imagery market came in late 2011 with the launch of Pléiades 1A, acquiring 50-cm images. A twin satellite, Pléiades 1B, is scheduled for launch this year. Launched in September 2012, SPOT 6 captures wide-area optical imagery at 1.5-meter resolution and will be joined in orbit by SPOT 7 early 2014.

“Pléiades 1A, Pléiades 1B, SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 will operate in a 90-degree phased orbit allowing for multiple acquisitions of a geographic area within a 24-hour period. The constellation is highly reactive thanks to multiple tasking plans per day and a tasking time of only four hours,” said Spatial Energy’s Pope. “No other satellite constellation offers repeat coverage within the same day on such short notice.”

In addition to the optical SPOT and Pléiades imaging satellites, Astrium Services operates two synthetic aperture radar satellites, TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X. Capable of acquiring highly accurate elevation data of the Earth’s surface, both onshore and offshore, these radar platforms generate derived information for Astrium’s Global Seeps Database, Onshore Geologic Studies, and GEO Elevation products, all now available through Spatial Energy.