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Hughes Adds New High-Performance Compression and Latest IPv6 Internet Capability to Broadband Satellite Terminals


11 September , 2012


Hughes Network Systems, LLC  announced new features for its flagship HN and HX Systems enabling significantly higher bandwidth efficiency as well as support for the latest generation IPv6 Internet addressing.

Hughes TurboPage® with ActiveCompression™ provides up to 50 percent compression gain of transmitted HTTP traffic by compressing both text and image data. Higher compression reduces the volume of data transmitted through satellites, increasing overall network bandwidth efficiency and performance. Hughes ActiveCompression is a "lossless" compression algorithm that preserves the original quality of both text and images even as it enhances delivery speed to users.

Hughes has also designed a dual stack IPv4/IPv6 capability which enables the simultaneous support of both protocols. Implementing IPv6 is fast becoming a critical issue for every telecommunications service provider as the availability of new IPv4 address space is quickly disappearing.

"These new features future-proof our customers' networks," said Adrian Morris, executive vice president, engineering at Hughes. "The Internet's growth creates an almost endless demand for new bandwidth. Growth is also causing the Internet to outstrip its own protocols. By providing network operators with higher compression rates for more efficient bandwidth use and dual-stack support to ease the transition to IPv6, we've given them the tools to ride out the Internet's growing pains without disrupting service to their customers."

These new features are available on both HN and HX Systems. On the HN System, two new terminals are being released that support these features, namely: HN9260, optimized for consumer applications, and HN9460, optimized for enterprise applications. On the HX System, these features are supported on the HX50L, HX90, HX200, HX260, and HX280 terminals.