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C-COM Receives Multimillion Dollar Order From Romantis


11 September , 2012


C-COM Satellite Systems Inc.,  and Romantis Group, a major provider of satellite capacity and satellite networking equipment, have agreed to cooperate in boosting the development of self-pointing mobile solutions.

The two companies signed a major contract to supply Flyaway antennas for ongoing Romantis turnkey VSAT projects, which will pave the way for further joint ventures.

C-COM’s iNetVu mobile satellite antenna systems will be deployed by Romantis to deliver complex emergency communications networks. Romantis’ UHP-1000 satellite router is compliant with C-COM’s iNetVu 7024C VSAT controller which is ideal for applications that require a simple setup and reliable connection. The 7024C Controllers also support the GPS and GLONASS global navigation satellite systems.

The joint product of C-COM and Romantis addresses both governmental and commercial customer’s needs for quick-deploy communications, supporting various applications including, but not limited to: videoconferencing, video surveillance, voice and broadband Internet. The universal terminal can be configured to work as an SCPC station, a TDM/TDMA terminal or in a fully meshed hubless environment, communicating with other mobile terminals in a single satellite hop.

"C-COM is very pleased to be working with the Romantis Group in delivering a joint solution to their customers. The iNetVu products have been fully integrated with the Romantis satellite router; the combined C-COM and Romantis solution coupled with the GPS Glonass capability is a proven, cost effective and reliable product. We look forward to being part of many other joint opportunities with Romantis," said Dr. Leslie Klein, President and CEO of C-COM Satellite Systems Inc.

“We are proud to further boost our partnership with innovative and fast-growing C-COM Satellite Systems and to deliver joint customer-driven products to the market,” said Dr. Harald W. Stange, Managing Director and CEO of Romantis GmbH, the European
headquarters of the Romantis Group. “Both products work seamlessly together and are ideal for mobile VSAT communication helping customers to utilize satellite communications easily and cost-effectively. Our joint product has been already proven in a number of projects including disaster-recovery, telemedicine and military applications. Now this solution is available to provide the same benefits to our commercial customers, too.”