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ViaSat Receives $4.5 Million LinkWay(S2) IP Modem Orders From U.S. DoD


September , 2012


The Department of Defense continues to modernize its tactical communications infrastructure with additional orders for the ViaSat Inc. LinkWayS2 IP Network Modem System. LinkWayS2 modems are backward compatible with legacy LinkWay systems and these modems will replace LinkWay2100 series hardware, setting the stage for network-wide transitions to the LinkWay S2 system. The DoD has based the majority of its tactical network on LinkWay® systems since 2003.

The LinkWay updates provide forward looking capabilities and features, including DoD-approved TRANSEC, increased transmission throughput, and advanced modulation and Forward Error Correction using open standards-based Turbo coding. Also included are features that enable the LinkWayS2 system for communications on-the-move (COTM).

"In numerous at-the-halt and on-the-move network demonstrations, including the U.S. Army Network Integration Evaluation 12.1, LinkWayS2 has maintained its excellent latency and jitter performance in full mesh configurations at the industry's highest MF-TDMA throughput," said Bill Connelly, general manager of ViaSat Tactical SATCOM Networks.