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Globecomm Awarded Various Infrastructure Contracts from US Government Agencies Valued at $5.9 Million


August 27, 2012


Globecomm Systems Inc., announced that the Company has been awarded various infrastructure contracts from US Government Agencies valued at $5.9 million.

Under the terms set forth in the contracts, Globecomm will provide hardware, software and associated engineering services as follows:

  • WGS certified SummitTM X band field terminals with integral AxxSys® Orion Monitor and Control Software,
  • Gateway Terminal Technology Refresh incorporating solid state amplifier hardware and AxxSys® Orion software,
  • Life Cycle Support services including spares, training, and installation.

Globecomm anticipates the completion of these contracts in the Company's fiscal year 2013 fourth quarter ending June 30, 2013.

Michael Plourde, Vice President Government Programs for Globecomm, said: "These contracts demonstrate Globecomm's wide array of capabilities from engineering concept and design, technology refresh, WGS certification thru ongoing product sustainment. Globecomm is committed to providing our customers the communications services they need to keep them operating today and into the future."