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ARINC and Lemko Demonstrate Seamless 4G LTE Transmission via Satellite Connection


July 12, 2012

ARINC Incorporated and Lemko Corporation are pleased to announce the successful demonstration of seamless data transmission and streaming video using 4G LTE technology via ARINC's RapydConnex(SM) mobile edge satellite broadband communications platform and Lemko's distributed mobile wireless network. The testing team obtained sustained data upload and download speeds of 2 megabits per second. Streaming video was uninterrupted, confirming that ARINC has optimized satellite connection speeds to mitigate transmission delays.

The ability to deploy LTE systems using a satellite backbone enables important applications for mobile broadband in tactical communications for the military and public safety markets. Users are now able to establish stand-alone 4G LTE cellular networks that can be customized to meet unique situational requirements.

Ground users in battlefield situations will have the most advanced mobile communications available with rapid deployment capabilities. First responders will have advanced communications in the critical minutes after a disaster. Public safety personnel will have guaranteed connections to access emergency services and relay life-saving information.

"Unlike commercial services that do not operate independently, the combination of ARINC's trusted global network, the RapydConnex satellite terminal platform, and Lemko's distributed mobile wireless LTE network provides military and public safety personnel with immediate access to a high-speed, uninterrupted, secure satellite communications connection," said Lorne Caddick, Vice President, Advanced Systems Engineering and Integration at ARINC.

As two of the first companies to demonstrate 4G LTE connectivity over a satellite connection, ARINC and Lemko are innovators in the field. Lemko's distributed mobile wireless network (DiMoWiNe) has already efficiently connected hundreds of 2G and 3G GSM, CDMA, UMTS, and EVDO commercial and tactical networks via satellite. "DiMoWiNe is a key innovation breakthrough needed to bring mobile 4G LTE networks to warfighters and public safety officers," said Chris White, Lemko Executive Vice President. "Using DiMoWiNe, Lemko's solution authenticates, switches, routes, and rates all the traffic at the remote site processing the data as a Layer 7 application. This greatly eliminates the latency constraints found in traditional 4G centralized architectures."