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Satmex Awards Optimal Satcom Multi-Year Contract to Provide Enterprise Capacity Management System



July 11, 2012


Satélites Mexicanos (Satmex) of Mexico has awarded Optimal Satcom a multi-year contract to provide its industry-leading, enterprise satellite capacity system to help Satmex manage its expanding satellite fleet. Under the terms of the agreement Optimal Satcom will provide Satmex with a comprehensive system including its Enterprise Capacity Manager™ (ECM®) software system integrated with COMPLAN®.


Optimal Satcom's highly-engineered capacity management tools, useful in all phases of satellite communications network design and optimization, include networked servers and replicated databases to be installed at Satmex's primary and backup satellite control centers in Iztapalapa and Hermosilla. ECM allows Satmex personnel to simultaneously manage their expanding satellite business from their different office locations while ensuring high performance, availability and redundancy.
Optimal Satcom has already transitioned Satmex's legacy systems, data, and functionality to the new ECM software system. Optimal has also completed integration with other systems used by Satmex, including MONICS and SalesForce.
"After meeting with Satmex and gaining a clear understanding of their business processes, Optimal Satcom worked with Satmex at every level to provide a system that meets their current and evolving needs," said Ahsun H. Murad, President and CEO of Optimal Satcom. "ECM brings together all the major functions related to capacity management into a single system that is highly flexible and customizable. It has allowed Satmex to achieve increased operational efficiency in a highly competitive commercial satellite market, and we are currently working closely with them to prepare for operations on their new satellite, Satmex 8," he added.
Mr. Patricio Northland, CEO of Satmex said: "This agreement builds on the productive working relationship we have established with Optimal Satcom; their ECM product suite has enabled us to create operational efficiencies and gain higher performance. Optimal has been part of our team, and their systems are currently used to support operations on Satmex 5 and 6. As we expand our fleet with Satmex 8 later this year, Optimal and its ECM suite will continue to be an important element of our enterprise capacity management and service delivery infrastructure," he added.