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Galaxy Launches Satellite Services Using Hughes Dual-Band Broadband Satellite Terminals

Jun 12, 2012

Galaxy Broadband Communications Inc. has announced that it has added the Hughes HN9200 and HN9400 broadband satellite routers to its product portfolio.

Galaxy is the first independent commercial service provider in North America to offer services using the Hughes HN9200 and HN9400 high-performance, Ka-/Ku-band routers. They are designed to cost-effectively satisfy a wide range of high-speed connectivity requirements for consumer, small office/home office, enterprise, and government markets. Members of the industry leading Hughes HN System family of products, these routers are fully compliant with the IPoS/DVB-S2/ACM standard approved by TIA, ETSI and ITU, and incorporate advanced modulation and coding among other performance and efficiency enhancing features, to affordably deliver even the most demanding bandwidth-intensive applications. Hughes introduced these terminals in late 2010 to their product line, with the HN9400 receiving a Technology Marketing Corp. (TMC) 'Satellite Spotlight Product of the Year' award.

"With the Hughes dual-band HN9200 and HN9400 terminals we can offer our customers enhanced traffic processing capability achieving speeds up to 10 Mbps, the best-in-class features of bandwidth efficiency, quality of service, and ease of remote commissioning for faster deployments," stated Rick Hodgkinson, founder, CEO, and president of Galaxy. "The HN9200 and HN9400 routers completely integrate into our current hub infrastructure, giving Galaxy one of the most stable and efficient networks in the world."

The HN9200/HN9400 supports the latest Hughes Integrated Performance Enhancement Proxy (PEP) software to accelerate throughput performance by optimizing TCP transmission over the satellite, delivering a superior user experience and link efficiency, and a full set of integrated Wide Area Network (WAN) optimization features. Accelerated TCP and HTTP performance, including HTTP pre-fetch (objects are locally cached on both routers) along with DNS caching, enable fast Web browsing. Integrated header and packet payload compression both conserves bandwidth and further contributes to high performance.

"Ease of installation is enabled by an integrated Web server supporting a Web browser interface for auto-commissioning and troubleshooting, without a call to the Network Operations Center (NOC)," commented James Derwinsky, vice president of Sales and Marketing at Galaxy. "This feature is extremely important for our remote sites."

"Galaxy Broadband is a premier provider of high-performance, enterprise-grade satellite networks using Hughes technology platforms and services," says Sam Baumel, vice president, SME Sales & Marketing at Hughes. "Galaxy's adoption of the HN9200 and HN9400 platforms further enhances their capabilities to address their customers' needs, and we're confident will help them build on their success in the future."