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 Global Telesat Awarded Asset Tracking Contract by Nation's Emergency Response Organization

May 01, 2012

World Surveillance Group Inc. announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Global Telesat Corp. ("GTC"), has been awarded a contract to provide satellite-based tracking services for the United States' premier emergency response organization. The contract was awarded to provide for the GPS tracking of mass care equipment trailers.

The contract requires GTC to provide specialized satellite tracking devices, satellite airtime and online mapping capabilities as part of a disaster preparedness and emergency relief program to locate and monitor the movements of a variety of the organization's mobile assets across the U.S. GTC's proprietary mapping portal will enable the tracking devices to be visually located and monitored by the customer in near real-time from a PC or mobile device via a Google Maps(TM) interface in addition to providing historic data showing past movements of the mobile assets.

Utilizing a combination of the GPS and Globalstar satellite networks, the tracking devices provided by GTC will send one-way predefined messages with their respective GPS locations and other information required by the customer to track the beginning or end of the mobile asset's journey or its movement out of a pre-authorized zone. The contract award has resulted from GTC's initiative to focus on marketing its mobile satellite solutions to commercial and government customers domestically and internationally.

WSGI's President and CEO, Glenn D. Estrella, stated, "We are honored to be selected by the United States' premier emergency response organization to provide GTC's specialized satellite tracking services and look forward to servicing the critical needs of this customer for years to come. This contract award is significant to GTC as it supports our recently implemented business model of leveraging our capabilities as a proven and reliable defense contractor as we aggressively pursue various additional revenue generating opportunities both in the defense and commercial sectors."