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 Hughes ActiveBonding Technology Delivers High-Capacity Networking to the Distributed Enterprise over Affordable Broadband

1 May 2012

Hughes Network Systems, LLC unveiled a new technology that enables high-capacity networking at all locations of distributed enterprises, such as retailers, restaurants and hotels, over affordable broadband connections.

Integral to its next-generation Hughes Converged Broadband Architecture™ (CBA), Hughes ActiveBonding™ solves a huge cost and complexity issue for companies whose business applications have outstripped the bandwidth capacity at their branch locations. They no longer have to pick and choose which sites to modernize, nor pay for installing dramatically higher cost options such as Ethernet.

Hughes CBA with ActiveBonding delivers high-capacity throughput of up to 12 Mbps over DSL or cable by intelligently load balancing traffic across the network for optimal performance. It is ideal for retail, hospitality, restaurants, retail petroleum, financial, and other large enterprises that need to run more bandwidth-hungry applications at their branch operations to stay competitive.

"New applications such as guest Wi-Fi, VoIP, on-demand video training, and digital signage are creating a 'head room' problem for distributed enterprises," said Sampath Ramaswami, senior director, Strategic Planning at Hughes. "Providing sufficient capacity to all their branch sites has been cost prohibitive, so they've had to settle on upgrading a limited number of prominent sites to support new business and customer-facing applications. Hughes ActiveBonding removes these restrictions, enabling delivery of very high speeds at all of their locations, cost-effectively."

Hughes ActiveBonding takes into account the inherent performance variability of broadband networks by actively monitoring the performance of multiple broadband links and intelligently bonding them together into one, homogeneous high-capacity connection.

Hughes CBA was designed specifically to deliver high performance, real-time, end-to-end QoS, high reliability, and strong security to distributed enterprises. It seamlessly supports data, voice and video applications over affordable broadband private networks. Hughes CBA works with any combination of DSL, cable, 3G/4G wireless, fiber or satellite broadband to meet the unique connectivity needs of any site in the enterprise, including providing high-availability configurations to provide diverse paths to each location, such as a DSL and backup 3G/4G network combination.